Corporate Consultation

I have been providing corporate consultation since 1997.  The corporate consultation is provided in two areas:

  1. In conjunction with Family Guidance International, an international corporate consulting company, I provide Pre-departure Assessments(PDA) and Re-Entry Debriefings(RED) to companies doing business abroad and sending company associates to foreign countries. The PDA and RED serve to provide screening, education, and preventive interventions to company ex-patriots. This serves as a value-added service to your employees and saves the company money, time, and loss of prestige due to an unsuccessful employee placement abroad.
    1. I provide consultation to family-owned businesses for stress management, personnel management issues, identification and remediation of  communication problems that often arise in family-held businesses, and identification and remediation of  problematic issues that commonly arise among family members running a family business.    I provide this service at your site or in my office.